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The Transgender Health & Education Alliance (THEA) is an Atlanta based grass roots non-profit (501c3 pending)organization. In September 2014, the originators saw a need for a full time and permanent transgender resource group in Atlanta. THEA fills that gap by providing support, education and socialization to the local community. THEA is distinctly different because we are not simply a yearly conference; but rather work every day to make a difference. In only two years, THEA’s presence is embedded in local Atlanta.

In only our first two years:

We provided a valuable learning and social experience for trans families and children through the first and second THEA family Symposium. We are gearing up for the third family symposium in 2017, to be bigger and better.

​We hosted a 3 day conference for clinicians, therapists, psychologists, physicians, ERG managers, governmental and educational professionals (PeachState Conference) to learn from and interact with transgender people. PeachState 2017 planning is already in progress.

Created a full time organization, and formed alliances with HRC, NCTE, WPATH, Out&Equal and other local and national groups who share our mission and dedication to push forward the need for transgender acceptance and equality.

In 2015 and 2016, THEA had a targeted strategy for both grassroots and national outreach. The strategy for local outreach was simple and southern: get to the heart through a warm handshake and a good meal- and talk about THEA. With that in mind, and on a shoestring budget, Blake and Lisa took their volunteers, prospective alliance partners and conference presenters to lunch or dinner. Discussion over a coffee or a meal helped us develop numerous relationships like: “Out Front” Theatre Company, Bright Ring Foundation, the Rush Center and all groups within the Rush Center, like Georgia Equality. We had regular dinner meetings at Tijuana Garage and Roxx where they know us well! Caring about people and keeping our friends close is central to THEA’s mission. From that work, we now have 4 solid branches of THEA that are flourishing: THEA Families, THEA Professionals, THEA Spiritual Leaders and PeachState Conference!

State and National relationships that we have been building over the last 2 years come from the following activities and accomplishments, and look what we have done!!

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